Look Around.

I would like to challenge everyone to rededicate to their training.  Next time you’re at your dojo just look around. Is everyone just standing around chatting? One thing my teacher always did would make sure people did more work and less talking. He would always tell us get in the back of the room and use the mirrors.  I wasn’t the best student in the dojo, but I never got out worked. I would get to class early and practice one block and one kick one hundred times. Every time I got a promotion I would say it’s time to get serious. The one thing I always look for when I visit a new dojo. Are the students working at their art or are they just standing around talking. If you look around and see more talking, just go to the back of the dojo and start working, time to get serious!

I had a friend tell me that he really wanted to try karate. But was so far out of shape he just didn’t see how he could do it, plus a hip surgery and a shoulder problem. Another worry he had is very common, him thinking he wouldn’t be able to do the karate that well.  I told him that is what dojoplus is all about. My goal is to take someone with no martial arts experience and out of shape. Help that person have a smooth transition into a healthier lifestyle and learn martial arts. So I came up with a workout program for him and anyone else with the same issues.  I call it the 12 Minute Workout. First thing you have to do is get a stopwatch or a stop watch app if you have a smartphone. Then you pick twelve exercises. Try to pick six common exercises (push-ups, sit-ups or jumping jacks etc.) and six karate exercises nothing to technical (punching drills, kicking drills, squat-kick drill). I even printed pictures of each exercises and put them in a three ring binder. So here is what you do, set the watch to 50 seconds, turn the binder to the first exercise. Do as many of the first exercise as you can. Go at your own pace; if you can only do one or two that’s OK, After the 50 seconds take a ten second break. Flip to the next page and do the next exercise the same way, continue until you are done with all twelve of the exercises. That will take 12 minutes; you’re done for the day. Do that every day, at your own pace. When you’re ready do more, do reps of the workout. The key to fitness and good health is to start slow and go at your own pace. Listen to your body it will tell you when to do more or when to ease up. But don’t be afraid to push yourself. I was taught that if you can’t do what you did the day before then you went to hard the first day. You should be able to work out every day. So give it a try and let me know how you do.

Hello everyone, I will be having a free DojoPlus seminar. Just a friendly sit and talk to tell everyone about DojoPlus. I’m going to be at a new location. The Masonic Hall on Eastern Ave in Gloucester. If enough people sign up I’ll be doing a Monday night workout at the Hall.  It will be Monday April 22nd from 6:30PM until 8:00Pm. All are welcome, come and learn about DojoPlus.


Starting this year DojoPLus will be offering private lessons. Sometimes people get nervous about starting new things. Like going to a Dojo or a gym. So I will come to your home, in your comfortable surroundings. I will help you get comfortable enough to join that gym or that dojo.

Business Card

DojoPlus, Fitness
Get Real, Get Fit.
Traditional Martial Arts and Circuit Fitness
All are welcomed at DojoPlus. DojoPLus is not style specific. Although my back ground is Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do all styles are welcome. If you have never studied, or if you have studied for years. Come by and give DojoPlus a try. From beginner to advanced, it’s all about fitness. If you are into fitness or want to get back into good shape. If you enjoy the Martial arts and want to learn more, join Thomas Fitzgerald 5th degree black belt, Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do, every Monday evening. Learn the best of traditional martial arts while building outstanding overall fitness. As long as you’re over 18 and willing to work —hard — DojoPlus is for you.

Our prices are $240.00 for a 12 week cycle.Ask for our payment option.
1 Lexington Ave, Magnolia Library Gym
978-325-2680 or 978-325-4007 (leave message)
Check out our blog: http://www.dojoplus.wordpress.com

Over the years I have notice that the hardest thing for people to do is just open the door. I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me that they want to start training. But just can’t bring themselves to open that door. I don’t blame them I did it myself. Back in 1986 I was told about an Okinawan style of karate in Gloucester at Browns Mall. I must have walked by that place five times before I went in. I watched my first Uechi-Ryu karate class, in March of that year. I had a very nice talk with Ron LaBrie, he made me feel very comfortable at his dojo. But I didn’t start my first class until June. Fear, can stop us dead in our tracks. Fear of change, fear of failure and also fear of success can paralyze us all. So all I can say is try to break through your fears and just open that door.


Sensei Tom

Great job everyone that did the 2nd cycle fit test.


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